general terms and conditions



The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all services that Koop Edgar und Stadter Jonas ACIDSOUP GbR hereinafter referred to as AGENCY, provides for the client. The client agrees to these conditions when placing the order or confirming the order (e.g. by email). The GTC can be found as an attachment of the budget offer email.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all future orders within the framework of the current business relationship, even if they are not expressly included, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Deviating, conflicting or supplementary general terms and conditions of the client are not part of the contract, unless the AGENCY expressly agrees in writing.



Client has contracted Artist for the above listed services in promotion of titled Project, for which services Artist shall be compensated by Client as listed above.



The services listed above embody the entire scope of Artist’s work on Client’s project, and further services required by Client shall necessitate a new written agreement before commencement of work. Prior to commencing any work or additional services that are beyond the scope of this agreement, Artist will submit an estimate for the work/service to Client, all parties will discuss it and Client written permission will be required before proceeding.



The offer includes one round of correction for each asset. In this sense, an asset is the grouping of a meaningful subset of the product’s components. As long as the correction rounds are within a reasonable scope and do not exceed the time limit extremely, Artist takes the right to decide whether or not to charge a surcharge for these correction rounds.



The project is considered to be successfully completed if it meets all the requirements and conceptual demands of Client. Since this is an artistically creative activity, Artist reserves the right to decide when the project can be treated as successfully completed from all artistically creative aspects. Artist assures the client to try with all means to implement these aspects in the client’s sense.



The total time in working days planned for each task is the multiplication of the value of AMOUNT with DAYS, where DAYS is defined as a weekday – 8 hours. In case the value of AMOUNT is undefined, as the task has no repetition, the value of DAYS describes the total time in working days planned for this task.


Artist has the right to charge Client an additional surcharge for work spent on weekends or national holidays, due short deadlines or delays in the process on the part of Client. Artist must explicitly list this surcharge in his calculation or, if this surcharge arises during the processing process, expressly and immediately inform Client.



The costs of each task is the multiplication of the values of AMOUNT and DAYS with PRICE/D.

The total cost is listed under TOTAL, containing all listed taxes. The currency is € (EURO).


Both Client and Artist hereby agree to the deadline listed above. Client will promptly deliver all the necessary assets for the deadline in order to enable Artist to process the tasks listed above on time. Delays in the process on the part of Client have a corresponding effect on the deadline.



Client agrees to payment to Artist due no later than 14 days after receipt of invoice, unless otherwise expressly agreed.


In the event of a project termination, Client declares that it is ready to remunerate the services provided up to the termination declaration in accordance with the cost calculation. Artist takes the right to decide whether or not to charge the full amount of the calculated costs.



Title to all products is maintained by Artist until final payment is received. After full payment, exclusive use of all products created in this agreement are transferred to Client. Usage does not include the right to modify or resell the product. Artist also retains all rights to any elements of deliverables that are part of his own process and aren’t specifically designed and/ or created for Client.



Artist guarantees, to the best of its integrity, knowledge and belief, that the work it creates will not violate the copyright of any other party. Should judgment arise after project completion, it is not liable for similarities. Client guarantees that

(a) Client owns all right, title, and interest in, or otherwise have full right and authority to permit the use of any content provided by Client for incorporation into the product,

(b) to the best of Client’s knowledge, the content does not infringe the rights of any third party, and use of Client’s content (as well as any trademarks) in connection with this project does not and will not violate the rights of any third parties, and

(c) Client will comply with the terms and conditions of any licensing agreements which govern the use of third party materials incorporated into the product (with the Client’s consent). Client agrees to be responsible and not to cause any damage to Artist.



Client grants Artist permission to publish any product, for purposes of self-promotion. Artist guarantees, however, that such a publication will be carried out at a reasonable time and only with request to Client.



By signing the budget offer and moving forward with the project Client agrees to project terms, budget and to pay by invoice due date

Casting: Marla Lindschau
"Liz": Brianna Gasgonia
"Rick": Jarrod Baddeliyanage
"Sia": Jenner Hendrix
Casting Agency I: uns* Talentagentur
"Jo": Petra Jauss
Casting Agency II: Bobby Dazzler


Production Company: Simon & Paul GmbH
Executive Producer: Simon Fessler
Executive Producer: Tobias Paul
Producer Assistant: Charlotte Neuwirth
Producer Assistant: Jan Scheel


Concept: Klaus Kneist
Director: Klaus Kneist
Management: gesas management
1st AD: Linus Weber


DoP: Andreas Wanner
1st AC: Tobias Bloier
2nd AC: Simon Reindl
2nd AC: Sebastian Krenn
Crane Grip: Uwe Meier
Crane Head Technician: Chris Sobisch


Lighting: Thorben Winkler
Lighting: Felix Schirmer
Lighting: Philip Schröter
Lighting: Willi Rätzsch
Lighting: Vadim Michel


VR Creation: Acid Soup
VR Operator: Jonas Stadter
VR Operator: Edgar Koop
VR Coordination: Bueroabstract
VR Coordinator: Marco Liebscher


VFX Creation: Acid Soup
VFX Artist: Jonas Stadter
VFX Artist: Edgar Koop


Edit: Martin Allin Strandgard
Copywriter: Martin Allin Strandgard
Sounddesign: Martin Allin Strandgard
Colorist: Marina Starke
Management: MAP Management
Music Composer: Alexander David Wolf
Voiceover: Ben Holtzmuller via


Art Direction Company: Studio Laforêt
Art Director: Anne Lewald
Art Director: Jil Berner
Props Assistant: Ana Cristina Solano
Art Department Construction: Atelier Chrome
Car Care: Nina Szkolka
Runner: Elea Lackner


Styling: Lara Packheiser
Makeup: Leana Ardeleanu
Hairstyling: Fily Mihan
Nail Design: Thams does claws


Photographer: Michael Krosny
Photo Assistant: Benjamin Herbst
Retouch: Simon Schinken


Studio: LEDCave Berlin
Studio Management: Thilo Strack
Project Management: Finn Krieger
Project Coordination: Katja Köstler
VP Technical Management: Stefan Dünkel
VP LED Technician: Felix Schwarzbach
VP Unreal Operator: Frank Junghahn
Crane Operator: Kevin Buse
Crane Assistant: Lea Sarau


Cam Rental I: MOO Video Productions
Cam Rental II: Vantage Film GmbH
Light Rental I: Lichthaus Berlin GmbH
Light Rental II: Pille Filmgeräteverleih GmbH
Crane Rental: ARRI Rental Deutschland GmbH
Set Rental: Raketa GmbH


Catering: Wieduwilt & Krause


Ear Cuff & Earring: Saskia Diez
Mask: Lena Voutta
Dress: Jessy Stuchly
Sunglasses & Ear Cuff: Saskia Diez
Ear Cuff gold: Luise Zücker
Red Coat: Haderlump Atelier Berlin
Sunglasses: Saskia Diez
Both Outfits: Dawid TomaszewskiCover Art Work: Elea Lackner
Initial Art Direction Support: Jan Christoph Scheurer
Initial Voiceover Support: Kira Jacob

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Director: Brent van den Elshout
Production: Minimal Collective
DOP: Arun Advani & Jesse Plum
First AC: Tobias Buijs
Producer: Carmen Vollebregt
Gaffer: Azad Shigmurad
Gripper: Diede Gardenier
Technical assistant: Ko Stevens
Starring: Mazarine Westvoort
Voice talent: Eleanor Bickers

Editors: Leda Zhang & Jesse Plum
Sound Design Lead: Chris Scholz
Sound Design: Harald Uunk
Colorist: Raoel Hulst
VFX & 3D Design: Acid Soup Studio
Spatial Design: Rowan Siriram & Paulus Vd Heijden

Graphic & Title Design: Tim Tijink
Costume Design & Styling: Tim van der Plas
Photographers: Akam Rezakhani & Jasmijn van Buytene

Special credits to:
St Rita’s Church

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Agency: Lemonscentedtea Amsterdam
Production Company: Framez Production
Directors: Bruno Rozet & Raoel Hulst
D.O.P: Michel Blom
Producer: Pearl Minaj
Producer Assistant: Jeroen Tates
Gaffer: Juri De Wolf
Styling: Nga Ho styling
Visagie: Viola Sarkodee
VFX: Jonas Stadter & Edgar Koop - Acid soup
Sound design: Jason De Graw
Muziek: Nayim Mracha
Fotograaf: Jilbert Ebrahimi

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Produktion: motif. film
Creative Direction: Max Bracht / Michel Angelo Daum
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Luca Silberg
Edit: Michel Daum
FPV: Drone Operator Michel Angelo Daum

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Actress / Artist Chantal Saroldi
Directed by Kai Chase-Meares & Luc Maibaum
Cinematography by Luc Maibaum & Kai Chase-Meares
Edited by Yannic Nixdorf / S EC Studio
CGI & VFX Jonas Stadter & Edgar Koop / Acidsoup
Color Grading Lukas Blume / Mograde Berlin
Actor / Movement Director Shamiro van der Geld
Video produced by Luc Maibaum & Kai Chase-Meares
Music Produced by Alanis Todeschini Marca
Mastering Enyang Ha / Urbiks Music
Mixing Jamie Roberts
VOITAX Label / PA Benjamin Horn
VOITAX Label / PA Christoph Siegert
VOITAX Label / PA Martin Eberhardt
VOITAX Label / PA Tobias Schmidt
Styling and HMU Coordinator Rafael Costa Messias
Styling Gianni Fiusco
Styling Barry Zhou
Make Up Jesse Strikwerda
Set Hair Stylist Marieme Freudenreich
Hair Styling Monstera Black Awa Kaloga
Nails Padchawadee Eilysha Thammasudthasil
Gaffer Phillip Kozuch
Lighting Electrician Alexandros Liossatos
Light Assistant Sebastian Jimenez Ruiz
Light Assistant Arsalan Parsi
On Set Electrician Ari Palma
1st AC Svea Rose
2nd AC Michelle Romero Pasternack
3rd AC Lotta Puhl
Set Design Issy Jameson
Title Design Chris Goss
Set Photography Michael Baumgärtner
Rentalhouse SeeYou Rent
Catering / Location Funkhaus Berlin
Location Manager Mario Gutsch

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